Hpv And Sex: What Every Person Should Know

Many Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) can be transmitted from a person to another via contact with the genitals. Some can be treated, while others cannot. In the latter case, the only solution is to appease associated symptoms. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common STI. Below, you can find detailed information about this infection.

What is HPV?

The virus that causes this infection is in the “papillomavirus” family. This infection can cause health issues, but there are vaccines to help subdue them. A common symptom is genital warts or “papilloma‚Äôs”. They are small bumps that appear around the genital area, and they can take any shape, size or number. HPV could cause cancer.

How is it acquired?

HPV is most often acquired when having anal, oral or vaginal sex. When one has this infection the other can very easily acquire it too. The symptoms of HPV can appear any time (even years later), therefore it can be hard to know who had transmitted the infection–unless one has had but one sexual partner. HPV can and most often disappear on its own unless the person has a low immune system. People that are HIV positive are particularly vulnerable to getting this infection.

Can it be treated?

There is no cure for HPV yet. However, understanding and consulting a doctor about symptoms are very important to maximize treatment success. The genital warts can be frozen with liquid nitrogen and lotions can be applied. If not treated, it can either disappear or get worse. It is recommended to get vaccination for HPV in order to lower the chances of an infection.

Cervical cancer may develop from HPV–it is the more common one. Pap tests and other procedures can be performed to detect and prevent the cancer from occurring. Other cancers can be treated, but it is important to address any symptoms with a doctor.

Can you still have sex even if you have HPV?

Please do not have sex when you have any STI. You may not know whether you have HPV because no symptom occurs. However, with the sign of any symptom, you should get treated before any sexual activity. Please wait until the doctor agrees that you are fully treated before having any form of sex, anal, oral or vaginal.

Using multiple contraceptive methods is important when having sex to prevent the infection from being transmitted. Condoms do not protect at 100%, therefore at least another method is recommended. Birth control cream or other similar substances can help kill some of the STI culprits.

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