Cheap London Escorts Drunken Fun

Most of the girls here at my affordable London escorts are pretty sensible and they don’t end up drunk as often as I do. For some reason I cannot stay away from hitting the drink hard when I go out with some of my more generous gents at my low-cost London escorts agency. For some reason, I have got into my head that I am more fun when I am drunk, and I think that I have more fun as well. Some of the other girls at the agency say that I am just silly when I am drunk but so far I have not had any complaints.

When I am not at cheap London escorts, I like to party as well. I think nothing of walking into the pub and buying drinks. Most ladies that I know would be really uncomfortable when it comes to going into a pub on their own, but it does not worry me at all. After a few drinks I am ready to take on the world and start checking out my targets. As a matter of fact, I have more fun when I go out on my own than I go out with my friends from cheap London escorts.

A couple of the girls at London escorts think that I should not be let out on my own. A couple of months back, I went out without the girls from London escorts and ended up having unprotected sex with a guy. It was just one of the many stupid mistakes that I have done when I have been drunk. On top of that, I have also driven a car and gone for a skinny dip in the Thames. At the time it has been fun, but I have also realized that I have not really done myself any favours.

I am actually beginning to wonder if I do not drink a little bit too much. Many of the girls that I work with at cheap London escorts seem to be able to handle and control the amount that they drink. I am not capable of doing that at all, and it all ends up in a mess. My friends at cheap London escorts are always trying to put the breaks on but that is easier said than done. Alcohol and me is one lethal combination that does not really mix. Maybe it is about time that I asked for some help.

When I stop and think about it, I really don’t like the taste of alcohol and I always feel terrible afterwards. It is a bit like a vicious cycle that I cannot break and I wish that somebody would actually help me. A couple of the gents that I date at cheap London escorts like to drink a lot as well, and I am afraid that I have ended up hanging around with them a lot. Taking a look at my dating diary and identifying the heavy drinkers would be another option available to me. Maybe I should check that option out.

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